Kinesiology Dynamics

Kinesiology Dynamics - Amanda & Tony

Welcome to Kinesiology Dynamics,
Cairns’ Specialist Kinesiology Facility

Kinesiology Dynamics is committed to helping empower the whole person by facilitating tools for self mastery. With Kinesiology as the key, Kinesiology Dynamics strives to help unlock hidden potential and open new doors to experiencing a fulfilling life.

The two facilitators, Amanda Lawrence and Tony Dionysius, bring to Cairns a full and diverse range of Kinesiology methods for a professional and highly effective approach in helping the individual achieve and maintain maximum health and wellbeing.

Amanda and Tony are specialists in the art of kinesiology. It is their passionate aim to offer the widest options presently available in the rapidly growing field of complementary medicine. Kinesiology fulfills that aim by incorporating and working with a very broad range of health care modalities and approaches.

Our Goal

Kinesiology - World in Hand

“We choose to maintain a big picture approach in all areas of our own life and practicing Kinesiology becomes an extension of that. Ultimately it is our personal aim to help elevate conscious awareness in all beings and the planet as a whole, for the purpose of becoming all we can be; ascension to our highest potential. A goal of such magnitude must begin with the individual. Kinesiology is a fantastic avenue to facilitate this goal.”











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