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Amanda and Tony are graduates of the internationally accredited Advanced Diploma in P.K.P. as governed by the I.C.P.K.P. (International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice), which was developed and taught by college founders Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Joan Dewe, of N.Z. Both AmandaAmanda Lawrence ATMS member no. 6850 and TonyTony Dionysius ATMS member no. 17644 are professional members of A.I.K. (Australian Institute of Kinesiologists) and A.T.M.S. (Australian Traditional Medicine Society).*

Together Amanda and Tony have 23 years experience in facilitating positive change for their clients through Kinesiology. Before returning to Far North Queensland, they spent 6 years in Melbourne, Vic. so that they could be trained and guided by the highly acclaimed college principles, Ed Faust and Rowena Maine at Kinesiology Connection in Camberwell, Vic.
Masters in their own right, Ed and Rowena combine their extensive knowledge and experience to bring to the classroom a truly powerful and unique quality of teaching. Both complimenting one another’s individuality, their students’ gain the invaluable benefits of two very different, yet remarkably effective and highly successful kinesiology practitioners. Rowena and Ed form a harmonious teaching partnership whose innovation and dedication for teaching the most advanced methods available, make learning kinesiology a fascinating experience.

After almost 5 years of training, Tony and Amanda established a successful Kinesiology practice in Eltham, Vic. called The Kinesiology Balance. The Far North was ever calling them home however, and so they decided to migrate back to Cairns where they have created a custom designed and fitted facility for their current practice, Kinesiology Dynamics.

Amanda and Tony’s passion for Kinesiology began in 1998 while living in Scotland, UK. The discovery of a holistic multi-dimensional approach that addresses the cause and not just symptoms, was a truly exciting and life changing event. As soon as Amanda and Tony set foot on Oz soil again, they immediately began having regular Kinesiology sessions of their own. The results were profound for both of them. The transformations that occurred in their lives led to the pursuit of a fulfilling career where they could help others enhance the quality of their life just as Kinesiology had enhanced theirs.


*Amanda Lawrence ATMS member no. 6850
*Tony Dionysius ATMS member no. 17644










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