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Kinesiology - Chakras

Kinesiology helps to restore balance to the individual by diffusing the causes of many health related problems, however you do not necessarily need to have ‘problems’ to benefit. Kinesiology is also renowned for facilitating the accomplishment of specific goals and with assisting the individual to access untapped potential.
Kinesiology reveals the areas of our body/life that we are not always conscious of. The balancing process can therefore be an educational experience, helping us to understand what’s really going on in our body/life, thus empowering us with an expanded awareness that may lead to making more positive and informed choices about how to direct our life.

We may reveal hidden subconscious patterns and blocks, uncover limiting belief systems or reverse unwanted sabotage programmes as part of the balancing process. The priority healing requirements are always ascertained by the muscle testing, therefore the balancing process for each of us is as unique and individual as we are.

By accessing the all wise, innate intelligence from within, we can tap into information relating to all aspects of the multidimensional human being, that is, all energy systems that constitute the physical, mental, emotional, bio-chemical, structural, electrical, spiritual and more. Some examples of the specific areas we can access are listed here:



Kinesiology - Essence


The scope to which P.K.P. can assist is virtually endless. Here are some examples of how it can help you:

A kaleidoscope of therapeutic approaches and remedies are among the practitioners tool- box. Included among these are the use of Vibrational Essences (inc. flower, gem, shell, etc); Homeopathic remedies; Nutritional Supplements; Herbs; Tissue Salts; Acupressure; Crystals; Sound; Colour; Counselling strategies and many more. The principles of Traditional Chinese medicine play a key role in Kinesiology for assessing and balancing the bio-energetic system.
Kinesiology Dynamics also adopts principles of ‘Quantum Neurology’ and ‘Integrated Bio-Dynamics’ for efficient and powerful change.

The subtle corrections applied in P.K.P. serve as a catalyst, reminding the body what it needs to do for a healing response. A shift in the subtle energies resulting from the balancing process can allow profound changes to be experienced on any and all levels of the human experience: Mind, Body and Spirit.

The most effective treatment for you on the day is ascertained and implemented. Each consultation is a new experience as the body is never the same on any given day.

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