Happy Man

I was first introduced to kinesiology by a friend and to be honest I thought it was impossible to do the things he would tell me about and I was definitely a skeptic about it. I was on prescription medication for well over 5 years and with the help of Amanda I was able to come off them. This was not the only thing that Amanda helped me with because the things that she showed me and opened my eyes to and the things that she was able to teach me were incredible.

Kinesiology certainly made a massive difference in my life and I can honestly say Amanda has been one of the biggest influences in my life.

David White - Melbourne, VIC
Happy Woman

I have been having regular Kinesiology sessions for the past 5 years and I can say without any exaggeration, that I am a completely different person from when I first began. I have gone from having no direction, battling depression and feeling hopeless with persistent health problems, to truly LIVING my life. – I now enjoy a new career; I am ever optimistic and I feel fantastic. My Kinesiology sessions have been a spiraling journey back to my true self.

I really think this modality is the best kind of personal development available. I could not have imagined achieving all that I have achieved in 3 lifetimes let alone 5 years! Thanks to Kinesiology (PKP) with Amanda and Tony, I am ever-evolving toward new levels of my self.

Marcus B - VIC

I was first introduced to Kinesiology a few months ago and found it difficult to believe the amazing changes that occurred – and are still occurring in my life. My reason for visiting Kinesiology Dynamics initially was to help me with Chronic Fatigue, and I found that Kinesiology not only helped resolve my health issues, but also somehow had far reaching effects on other areas of my life as well. I could not begin to explain how and why, all I know is that it works for me. Thank you.

Jeannette R - Cairns

Recently I was suffering from lower back pain and visiting Cairns for a long weekend break made an appointment with Kinesiology Dynamics. I had had a session once before mainly out of curiosity and was impressed then about Amanda Lawrence’s ability to tune into my emotional state that was causing so much angst.

At that time Morbidity was the feedback my body was giving and it was reacting strongly to these negative emotions. At the time my mother in law was staying with us and was very elderly, frail and ill and my husband had just had an operation and was in a lot of pain, sleeping a lot and I was subconsciously connecting the two as my future to be a constant carer. It was amazing that someone could easily tap into what was happening in my life by “reading” my body. I was overwhelmed by the accuracy of things that were both operating within me at a conscious and unconscious level. After the session I was able to see the situation for what it truly was and within a few days was feeling much brighter and on top of things.

My most recent experience was even more incredible and I decided to write this letter to assist others who may not know about the strengths and credibility of Kinesiology as a preventative emotional, mental and physical natural health option.

As a busy Director of a HR Solutions and Career Transition company for elite athletes, I had not realised that my back pain could be attributed to my current emotional state. What my body revealed during the session were feelings of self doubt and unworthiness. The unrelenting driving force to be seen as successful and in return be loved and accepted. We discovered an event when I was 9 years old that had triggered these negative and destructive feelings for me and I recalled for the first time how an event had framed my beliefs about my abilities and need for co-dependency.

We are now working on finding me again, what is important to me in my life, my values and beliefs, what gives me satisfaction and happiness and I am feeling a sense of freedom for the first time in my life. I don’t want to work this hard for others acceptance and I intend to change it with renewed strength, understanding and confidence.

Thank you Amanda for releasing knowledge about the effects my emotional state has on my physical body, I am sold on Kinesiology and will be attending for regular check ups to ensure I am on track and growing and developing as a whole and happy human being.

Naomi Marshall
C-IQ Career Intelligence


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